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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This picture above is a podcast studio I built for a church.

I'm sharing some of the equipment and software used for this setup and other info about putting together a studio or live streaming space. I will have links below for some equipment used, along with software for running the live streaming.

Here's a YouTube link for a "Test" run, Live Streamed to Facebook.

I have also include a link to my KIT.CO website where you will find other "Equipment Kits" to help put together Live Streaming Systems, for your company or church.

SOFTWARE FOR STREAMING (Pay-As-You-Go) Live Streaming of Pre-Recorded Videos

Here's YouTube Link for a test video, using the free trial: Click HERE to View

Note: This Video was recorded with OBS Studio, and afterwards uploaded

to using free trial account. I was able to live stream the video to

Facebook and YouTube, separately. Once started I could shutdown computer, and

video would still be seen LIVE, on both Social Media Sites, with no more interaction

needed from me. This is great for long videos (with Paid Plans), that can be started and

left to Live Stream for couple of hours, with you not needing to tie up a computer or

internet connection. You can start with less than $25.00 one time Pay-As-You-Go, and

the credit hours are good for a year.

You can support my work by contributing or donating to my or

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